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Emma Field Health and Social Care Level 3 (PD OP 3.3) Understanding The Impact of Acquired Brain Injury on Individuals Define acquired brain injury. (ABI) It is a brain injury damage caused by the events after birth, rather than as part of genetic or congenital disorder. It affects cognitive, physical, emotional, social or independent functioning can result from either traumatic such as physical trauma due to accidents, falls, assaults. Describe possible causes of acquired brain injury. Trauma to the head, Brain tumors, strokes, Cerebral hemorrage, Hydrocephalus, Brain aneurysms. Explain the difference between a traumatic brain injury and other forms of acquired brain injury. Traumatic – Occurs when an external force…show more content…
Dysarthria – Reduce distractions and background noise when you have a conversation. Watch the person as they talk. After speaking, allow them plenty of time to respond. If they feel rushed or pressured to speak, they may become anxious, which can affect their ability to communicate. Avoid finishing their sentences or correcting any errors in their language as this may cause resentment and frustration. Ask what the person prefers. If you do not understand what they are trying to communicate, do not pretend you understand. They may find this patronising and upsetting. It's always best to be honest about your lack of understanding. You could ask for clarification by asking yes/no questions or paraphrasing. Evaluate different intervention strategies and assistive tools that support communication. Braille – This is helpful for blind people to be able to read and understand what they may need to read or even to communicate to people if they are also blind. There are lots of items that come in braille now. Moon - Moon is similar to braille in that it is based on touch. Instead of raised dots, letters are represented by 14 raised characters at various angles. It is less commonly used than Braille, but easier to learn. The ease of use means that it can be used by some people with learning disabilities and people who become blind through ageing. Deaf &
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