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Developing Country Studies ISSN 2224-607X (Paper) ISSN 2225-0565 (Online) Vol 2, No.2, 2012


Real Estate Industry in Chittagong (Bangladesh): A Survey on Customer Perception and Expectation
Moslehuddin Chowdhury Khaled 1* 1. 2. 3. 4. Tasnim Sultana2* Sujan Kanti Biswas3* Rana Karan 4* Lecturer, School of Business, Independent University Bangladesh, Chittagong, 12 Jamal Khan Road, Chittagong 4000. Phone: 01675002980 email:-mmckhaled@gmail.com Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Studies, Premier university, Chittagong, Bangladesh email: tasnimmosharraf@yahoo.com Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Studies, Premier university, Chittagong, Bangladesh email: sujan_kbt@yahoo.com Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business
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1.3. Methodology: The topic was selected because this is a very interesting one in current context of Bangladesh. Real estate market is booming, demand is soaring, and shaping of industry is very fast. Real estate has become a focus of citizen interest. Literature review was done by going through the available volumes of different universities and web search. Sampling procedure: random sampling was followed for selecting 150 customers. They were selected randomly from the database of the randomly selected real estate companies. Data collection and analysis: data was collected at different points – at the office of the real estate companies, at randomly visited apartment construction sites where customers were visiting randomly, and at home of the customers. Then data were tabulated and summarized in MS-Excel. Questionnaire was prepared with the help of 3 real estate companies to ensure face validity, tested on 10 customers and then finalized for the survey. 1.4. Scope and Limitations: This is a cross sectional study which might not capture the trend or changes in customer attitude and preferences about the apartments or real estate companies. This field based study was done only in Chittagong. There are so many real estate developer companies in Dhaka and all over the country, with huge and growing customer base, different target customers, and with different business

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