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PDHPE Assessment Task #3-Factors Affecting Performance Skill being tested: Juggling a soccer ball Person being tested: metin (friend) I have chosen to teach metin how to juggle a soccer ball as it is a closed skill and the results are predictable and consistent. Closed and self-paced skill as it is under the direct control of the athlete, making it an easier skill to teach over 7 days. Juggling a soccer ball is a gross motor skill as it involves large muscle groups such as the quadriceps and the hamstrings. It’s a serial movement as it in theory it has a beginning and end movement to each juggle making it a discrete skill, however it is also continuous in nature as the intention is to continue the movement for as long as possible…show more content…
He was still focusing on what to do rather than how to do it and had to concentrate carefully. The distributed practice allowed metin to have rests when needed to regain concentration. As he was not in a compliant mood, for today the distributed practice suited metin as it gave her time to recover. Today I used knowledge of performance feedback as this made metin aware of which movements were correct and needed to be repeated and which movements were incorrect and how to improve them. Knowledge of performance can be received by both internal and external sources although as metin is still in cognitive his main source was external. Metins kinesthetic senses has slightly improve as he was able to correct some movements and remained more stationary than day 1. Day 3- Today’s physical environment had to be changed as it was raining outside. We moved inside to our lounge room where there were a few distractions like the furniture and people walking around in the house. We started off the session with a massed practice having to change it to a distributed as metin was getting frustrated with the interference of the furniture. Metin was still in cognitive but seemed like he was improving and on his way towards associative, as he was making less errors and concentrating on how to improve the movement rather than how to do the movement. Today I used delayed feedback and knowledge of performance feedback as this made
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