Pdp - Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan

Unit: Understanding and Managing People
Unit Code: 5D4Z0020
Unit Tutors: Tom Scanlon and Amanda Davis
Student Name: Hilaria Dos Santos Rolo
Student ID: 11501593
Date: 14th March 2012
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Page 1 – Title
Page 2 – Contents
Page 2 – List of tables and figures
Page 3 – Introduction
Page 4 to 6 – Section 1: Professional Plan Development
Page 7 to 9 – Section 2: Progress Review
Page 10 – Appendix 1
Page 11 to 13 – Appendix 2
Page 14 to 17 – Appendix 3
Page 18 to 25 – Appendix 4
Page 26 to 41 – Appendix 5
Page 42 to 50 – Appendix 6
Page 51 – Appendix 7
Page 52 to 58 – Appendix 8
Page 59 to 61 – Section 3: Long-term Plan of Action
Page 62 – Conclusion
Page 63 to 64 – References
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The SWOT analysis is a notably useful tool to identify and analyse opportunities for development and related barriers and challenges.
SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Being Strengths and Weaknesses internal factors and Opportunities and Threats external factors.
(Scanlon 2011)
To achieve this goal I will take notes from lectures and from a few pages of one of the recommended books for this unit (See Appendix 8).
This goal is set to be developed until 12th March 2012.

Section 2: Progress Review
Time Management and Personal Organisation For this goal I did weekly sheets to see my development. I did the first weekly sheet in 19th December 2011.
As I was not working at the moment my only responsibility was University, and seems like the less responsibility one has, the less he/she does. That is exactly what was happening.
I was spending most of my days watching television and/or watching series online, or simply just spending days sleeping. I had my mother and a friend over for Christmas and New Year. With their presence here, I felt like doing even less, because all I wanted was to spend time with them or go out and show them Manchester.
So basically all the activities I was always planning to do, I ended up not doing them. I knew I had an exam in early January, and yet I did not study until the week before the exam.
I managed to pass the exam with a low pass, 44%, but I know I could have done much better if only I
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