Peace Agreement And Peace Agreements

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In agreements there is a vast variety of what be placed to those agreements. Through the peace agreement there is a different outcome, which usually may just lead to a broke agreement and maybe to war like Sudan. A peace agreement is framed agreement between warring parties, which addresses their disputed inconsistency. In the Addis Ababa Agreement had a lot of flaws that were not address just like the peace agreement said it should happen. In peace agreement it has address, concern, manage, or regulate stated incapability are considered peace agreements including peace process, but it was not stipulated clearly in the Addis Ababa Agreement. The agreement failed to address key political issue that lay at root of conflict. This creates an unstable relationship between both sides because it can leave negative feeling between the two parties. Peace agreement document produced negotiations, but there was a lot of it left out in the Addis Ababa Agreement. The agreement was from the start short, which did not clearly state the negotiation between the two parties. Having negotiation, it must be very clear what both parties are giving or taking and what it is that both will do in order to stop any future conflict.
Comprehensive Peace Agreement was an interim national constitution, which was created within six weeks. This was different from the Addis Ababa Agreement, it was not talking about any type of new constitution or new laws that make it equal for both side. It worked more
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