Peace Brought from the Modern Economic Structure

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It is stated that though Interdependent economies, when economies become dependent upon trade from foreign nations, and Globalization, the act in which nations begin to integrate their ideas and concepts with one another, war and conflict can be mitigated. War is mitigated through the two phenomena due to the growing trade between nations that demands for nations to agree and play nicely with one another in order to continue this trade. This is additionally seen through the effects that a lack of trade causes on the nations. But conflicts do not seem to be effected in a meaningful way by the two phenomena. This is due to the broad definition of conflicts that seems to encompass too many things to be completely affected and the nature of conflict which is always possible with two separate groups. Thus the modern world’s economy with its Interdependence and Globalization is able to create peace but is unable to end conflict.
The way through which the world has become Interdependent and Globalized is through international trade. Trade is the act through which two nations send each other product for the others products. This allows for countries to gain economically since they are selling their products for value. Countries then become Interdependent since the trade networks are the basis of the economy for countries thus they need to trade to keep the economy afloat.…
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