Peace Domestic Violence Agency Essay

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PEACE Domestic Violence Agency
HSM 270 - Program Summary
Axia – University of Phoenix
PEACE Domestic Violence Agency provides a variety of ways to improve the efficiency of domesticated issues, servicing victims of sexual assaults and domestic violence. Their central focus is derived from a strategic mission statement, consequential approach, which essentially regulates the business’ calculated goals.
Central Focus:
I.) Decrease victim suffering
II.) Restore victim independence
III.) Through direct care, advocate recovery.
Consequential Approach -
I.) Confront public beliefs and normality’s that perpetuate or condone violence in the community.
II.) Decrease the
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These grievances can be a series of events that extend from fatal hostilities, penetrating lesions, and insignificant cuts: joined with psychological issues.
If projects and funding are not inaugurated properly, the minority of low-income and young aged group victims become a higher risk of dysfunctional lifestyles who settle within hostile environments. Essentially, they force themselves to dwell in mental and physical sufferings, leaving themselves in a perpetual cycle of disorder. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is devoted when increasing the well-being and safety of children and mothers influenced to hostile environments within their dwellings. They supply instructive guidance, coping strategies, healthier conflict resolution skills, and fostering deep bonds between parent, and child relationship, while thwarting off perpetuating violent behaviors.

PROGRAM PLANNING When programming a plan it is often initiated in the most general way and is compilation of managerial resources that is equipped to achieve a particular major goal based off an array of other goals. A program is a system and an organization grounded on several different phases.
Phase I - Category of intercessions that are documented:
1) Case statistics filed in police cases within sexual assaults and domestic violence
2) The number cases filed under sexual assaults, domestic violence
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