Peace In An Air Raid By Virginia Woolf Summary

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Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid: Rhetorical Analysis World War II was a terrible time for everybody. Men, women and children were all affected negatively by this earth-shaking series of events. Virginia Woolf, a prominent feminist writer at the time, chose the heart of an overhead battle to write her thoughts on peace. Through the use of rhetorical devices, Woolf crafts a powerful essay that explores the idea of peace and calls women to action. Throughout her essay, Woolf describes the battle occurring in the sky above her home in England. She describes how she feels about it, saying “It is a queer experience, lying in the dark and listening to the zoom of a hornet which may at any moment sting you to death”. This description, even if some have never experienced anything like the threat of a falling bomb, still stirs the heart of her readers and creates a sense of urgency through the connection to a hornet’s sting- something that many can relate to or at least associate with negative, stressful emotions. “At any moment a bomb may fall on this very room. One, two, three, four, five, six… the seconds pass”. This makes the reader wonder what her motivation is for writing this piece. Is she trying to get her thoughts on paper before she is interrupted by a disastrously placed bomb or bullet? Regardless, it makes the reader contemplate her words more earnestly. Historically, women were certainly not free at the time that Woolf was writing. They could not fight, they could not

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