Peace In Islam: Peace And Security In Islam

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Peace And Security In Islam:
Islam is religion of peace. The concept of ‘peace’ in Islam draws its origins from the Arabic word “Salaam”, which means "secured, pacified, or submitted." .The literal meaning of Islam is “peace”.
The concept of peace in Islam can be determined from the fact that while two Muslims meet they say which means “peace be unto you” in the response it is answered that Which means that “peace be unto you too”. We can define this scenario that even when two or more Muslims meet with each other they send peace unto one another. They basically pray for each other that you may be safe from any harm. This gives us a rough thought that how Islam is favoring peace and implements it in the lives of its followers.
One who becomes a Muslim not only enters a safe shelter but also guarantees it for others. The Holy Prophet
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Jihad is only for the purpose of ensuring security and peace in the region.
Security In Islam:
Islam is the security holder of its followers. Islam provides all types of protection to its followers. Islam is security holder of the life, rights, the place or Nation, moral and spiritual values and all other things that a Muslim can be challenged about. The first thing that comes to people’s mind when they think of security has to do with laws. Laws are definitely important for security as they keep the parameters of acceptable behavior. In fact, Islam is a religion that not only provides general principles for life but also provides detailed laws.
These laws further bring about peace and security. One of the main goals of Islamic law is the preservation and continuance of life. These laws are not meant simply for the sake of punishment. Such laws are actually meant to protect life, as Allah
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