Peace Movement In The Vietnam War

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“Critically discuss how the peace movements played important roles in signifying the end of the Vietnam War”.
To what extent did the role of the peace movements prompt the US withdrawal from the Vietnam War?
Since the start of the Vietnam War in 1955, there have been a range of valiant efforts involving peace and disarmament. A peace movement is a social uprising that has the aims of ending wars, riots and general violence while possessing the ultimate goal of peace. Media played a very interesting role in terms of achieving peace and there have also been numerous events and self-assigned spokespersons who have greatly assisted and influenced a large amount of the public.

Throughout history, there have been artists who opposed the government’s choices and specifically, in the Vietnam War, artists like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and Bob Dylan have made music that united people and fought the government’s aggressive tactics towards those who were affected. Around this time, young people that belonged to the “Flower Power” movement were called Hippies and they had a way of life that was devoted to peace and love. There were concerts that were held with various musicians and they all had the same intent in terms of spreading their
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This forms part of how the media heavily publicised the war. With disturbing images depicting scenes of Vietnamese people strapped down, and their eyes, mouths and ears, completely enveloped in heavy duty tape. When encountering visuals of this nature, one can’t just sit back and be complacent; In turn, the general public were justified with engaging in anti-war protests. Before the end of the Vietnam war in 1975, there was already a high mortality rate for the soldiers. By the late 1960’s, there was a shocking 500,000 deaths and over 30 thousand in
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