Peace - from what source.? Essay

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GLOBAL PEACE – FROM WHAT SOURCE? Song 65 1 MULTITUDES YEARN FOR GLOBAL PEACE On 28 June 1914 a hand grenade was rolled beneath a car travelling in a motorcade in the city of Sarajevo in Yugoslavia. The grenade missed its intended target and exploded beneath the following car, injuring several people. The first car continued on its way and the occupants attended a welcome ceremony at the Sarajevo Town Hall. Just a short time later, the VIPs from the first car decided to visit the injured ones who had been taken to the local hospital. On the way there the car stalled, this provided an opportunity for another assassin to shoot and kill the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the Heir to the Austrian Empire and his wife…show more content…
5.00 2 GLOBAL PEACE NOT ATTAINABLE THROUGH HUMAN EFFORTS What has been noted by Historians and scholars has been the effect of WW1 on World Peace. Since the end of that war there has been numerous attempts by mankind to put in place systems to prevent conflicts and ensure we can live in a worldwide peace. Yet can anyone say we live in a peaceful world? Well no we do not. Is it because mankind has lacked effort in trying to make a lasting Peace? Perhaps we can examine efforts to create a worldwide peace but before we do so lets just see what the Bible has to say about man controlling his own destiny. If we can turn to Jeremiah 10:23 Another scripture we can examine echoes this theme Ecclesiastes 8:9 So we can see that the Bible questions the ability of humans to control their own destiny. Well these words were written thousands of years ago – so what has History proven about our ability to bring about worldwide peaceful conditions for mankind. Modern History is littered with Treaties and Peace Agreements… yet we still live in a World dominated by unrest, conflict and ….war. The Treaty of Versailles was the first treaty signed after the end of the First World War and it was a peace settlement between the main combatants in that war. The Treaty though had contentious and controversial points and the politicians of the day knew they urgently needed something else– anything – to bring
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