Peaceful Protest Movement

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Peaceful Protest

In almost every continent in the world there has at some point and time been an uprising. Some of these protests were violent while others were peaceful in form. Both methods were employed by people who full heartedly believed in their cause. In history there have been many peaceful protests. For example, the women’s suffrage movement and the famous stand taken by Rosa Parks in the bus against segregation. In a free society that allows these protests (such as the United States) they can be very profitable in bringing about positive change. The women who were imprisoned because of their stand on equality eventually brought voting rights for all women. Rosa Parks inspired a movement which gave African-Americans the right to sit on a bus like every other person. Out of this movement came our modern society where all races are allowed to coexist as one. Another much earlier example of a peaceful protest was the Boston Tea Party. There was a loss of property but it eventually led to America gaining their independence. This protest can be considered beneficial (depending on the point of view).
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However, many people claim to be exercising their right to peacefully protest while they are causing violence. An example of this would be the recent protests in reaction to the election of our forty-fifth president, Donald J. Trump. When people are smashing the windows of cars to bits and beating a man just because he is white (which is not the only example), it is no longer a peaceful protest. A peaceful protest is when people march the streets with signs to raise awareness to their cause. A peaceful protest is when these people refuse to go away even if they are imprisoned so their voices are heard. These people know the meaning of peaceful protest. These people do not hurt people so their voices are heard. If you want to be treated with respect, be
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