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PEACEMAKER PROJECT Based on the Book and Workbook by Ken Sandle Introduction: Conflict Resolution is an essential element of life but a task filled with so many diverse issues that not many can engage it without feeling a bit unprepared. Through the grace of God we have been given a wonderful ministry of reconciliation and direct commands to live at peace with others. The core outcome of this project is to allow you to practice the principles of conflict resolution laid forth in the Peacemaker text. Personal Conflict: For the purpose of the Peacemaker project, I would like to deal with the conflict between Les Robinson, a deacon in our church, and myself the church pastor. The problem is Les’…show more content…
I would grow knowing that God’s power is in me and that when I am weak; I am also strong because God is with me. Section two: Live at Peace Peace is something that you constantly work and strive for. The fruit of Righteousness will be peace (Isaiah 32:17). Therefore, having a goal of righteousness would also be a path towards peace. There are times I feel uneasy and uncomfortable. This is the fruit of the counterpart of righteousness which is sinfulness. With sin, there is no peace. But in the absence of sin, there is no fear. My peace is like a river flowing. This is the kind of peace I desire and the kind of peace I experience when I am righteous. I always see to it that I make peace with everyone especially those who are in our church. As it is said in the scriptures, as much as possible, you should live at peace with everyone Romans 12:18. It is that it should be done as much as possible because there would be at time that this is impossible. But, it is also said that you should do your part to reconcile with that person even if it is impossible for him to reconcile with you. I think nothing can damage the reputation of Christ. As far as I am concerned, the conflict that is laid down on us is an opportunity to do well and to receive God’s grace. I see this conflict as a way to improve us. Like the steel of a sword, we are set upon the fire so that we will be strong. Having done the

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