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PEACEMAKER PROJECT Based on the Book and Workbook by Ken Sandle Introduction: Conflict Resolution is an essential element of life but a task filled with so many diverse issues that not many can engage it without feeling a bit unprepared. Through the grace of God we have been given a wonderful ministry of reconciliation and direct commands to live at peace with others. The core outcome of this project is to allow you to practice the principles of conflict resolution laid forth in the Peacemaker text. Personal Conflict: For the purpose of the Peacemaker project, I would like to deal with the conflict between Les Robinson, a deacon in our church, and myself the church pastor. The problem is Les’ personal life…show more content…
In Matt 26:42, the cup Jesus is referring to is the cup of suffering. Even if He is to suffer, because it is God’s will, He is ready and He will obey. In our case, these sufferings, these persecutions are small compared to what Jesus had come through. I feel lucky and blessed that Christ had done what should have been mine to do. And my feeling towards these disputes is a feeling of gratefulness that I was entrusted to do God’s will and I will put my trust in Him for I know He is with me. His promise is the gift of salvation. I believe that He would give the grace of peace and the grace of love to us if we do His will. I hold on to that promise and I will trust in Him. Part two: Get the Log out of Your Eye Section one: Is This Really Worth Fighting Over? There are no material issues regarding this conflict The personal issues or offense in this conflict is the treatment Les gives to his wife. This attitude destroys their relationship and furthermore, their family. I rejoice in the Lord because He gives us an opportunity to help others. He gives us his trust to do his will and to reconcile our brothers and sisters with one another. I rejoice also that God has not abandoned Les despite the hardship he is going through. He stayed by his side through the church and now, the church is reaching out to him to help him with this conflict. I admire Les’ passion

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