Essay about Peachtree -Too Far Ahead of the It Curve

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Executive Summary:
To: Max Berndt, CEO Peachtree Healthcare
From: Services Consultant
Date: September 24, 2013

Peachtree’s vision is to ensure a quality, consistent and continuity of care across the entire network of care facilities but to deliver all of this at the highest levels of efficiency, economy, and respect for patients and staff. In order to be competitive in the health industry, Peachtree has obtained a number of varying health institutes via mergers. The concern is the instability of the information system as new facilities are acquired because the system of each institute is kept in service. This is creating a patchwork of incompatible and disconnected systems with the following concerns: • Inefficiencies of the
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The IT department spends 100% of its efforts and budget trying to keep the patchwork system online. To optimize the resources of the IT department for maintenance, the allocation of resources should be spent as follows: o 20% - debugging or correcting production problems o 20% - changes to data files, reports, hardware, or software o 60% - making user enhancements, improving documentation and recoding system components for greater processing efficiency.

Business Needs: Since there is a huge disconnect of business segments, Peachtree cannot meet the organization’s business needs and is not adding value to the organization. With various systems not having the ability to connect and communicate or transfer information to one another and function as a cohesive system is creating the following concerns: • Inefficiencies of the company processes and procedures. • Inability for a continuation of care to flow between the various medical facilities. • Instability of the system itself has the potential of disrupting the care of its patients, and • The system is not economical because of the wasted energy and time on the current system.

IT strengths: o Many areas can easily and safely be standardized such as many clinical treatments, immunizations, aspects of diabetes care, and patient records. o

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