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Simulation 1: Peach Computers vs Campus Computers Peach Computers Negotiator: Campus Computers Negotiator: Negotiating Background Before reading the Peach Computers information, before even being assigned the Simulation, it was my goal to focus on collaborative negotiation strategies. I have been involved in a huge number of negotiations in my career, from sales, to salary, to contracts, etc. However, my strategy was more competitive. I grew up in a competitive household and continued into various sale and business management positions. I saw negotiations as an opportunity for me to win, to gain the biggest piece of pie, and for the other side to, perhaps not lose, but not win as well as I had. It was typically easy for me to “win”…show more content…
On the one hand Peach Computers is at the end of it’s financial rope but has 500 excellent computers that it can sell for cheap in a 14 day period. On the other hand Peach Computers has successfully made well-engineered computers, it’s production level is high enough that it can provide 500 computers, which it can deliver immediately while looking for a longterm partnership with distribution companies. Both are true but one sounds better and creates more trust. Is the withholding of truth a lie? I prefer to believe in framing. Framing “can dramatically alter the perceived value or acceptability of courses of action” (pg 119). The latter way of framing Peach Computers will allow my partner to feel safer taking a risk with Peach Computers therefore allowing more trust during the negotiations and higher satisfaction in the outcome. Ultimately, I decided my tactic needed to be mastering the art of silence. Essentially, letting the other side stake their position first and then framing Peach Computers around their needs. This was made much easier because I knew my other half was ----, someone I had history with and the perfect match for my strategy. ------ the Titan ----- can be described in three words: talkative, aggressive, and part competitive/part collaborative. In one word: perfect. Once I

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