Peacock Cichlids Research Paper

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Peacock cichlids are among the most preferred cichlids to reproduce recently due to their decorative appeal. Like the charm of peacock birds, the natural appearance and engaging colours of these kind of cichlids, scientifically called aulonocara, have been admired by most hobbyists. Between the males and females, the previous are rather more decorative, that might at last be brighter once they reach sexual maturity. The females are occasionally subdued, colors starting from silver to brownish gray. So why select Peacock Cichlids as your cichlid of choice? The Malawi Peacocks, since these cichlids spring from Lake Malawi, grow from 5-6 inches on maturity.

They flourish on a variety of food, from tiny crustaceans like shrimps and snails to insects like mosquitoes and insect larvae. They also eat lettuce and peas. They can be fed with either fresh foods and accept typically available flakes or pellets. It is suggested to serve them food only once to 2 times each day. In addition, be wary of placing little fishes in the same aquarium with the them because they are able to simply slot in their mouths and most sure to be eaten. Excepting the accessibility of their food, they
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Be certain to provide open spaces for them to swim around as well as lots of caves and splits where they can hide, rest and create territories. Use sand as substrate since they are potentially going to dig through the substrate after each feeding. Male cichlids also burrow through the sand before spawning. Using gravel or rocks, especially the pointed rimmed ones, are probably going to hurt your Malawi Peacocks in doing this. Re breeding, as long as you have given hiding places for them, your aquarium is clean and the water necessities are satisfactory, the Peacock Cichlids will do the rest themselves. They are considered ovophile mouth
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