Peanuts As An Allergy

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As many, many people know, I am allergic to many, many things. From food to plants to cloth types to medicine, I have severe allergies in a lot of areas. Although I have countless allergies, there is one allergy in particular that has grown to be more and more inconvenient for me. The allergy? Peanuts. I am anaphylactic, meaning I have an extremely lethal allergy. Before now, I could be around peanuts and I’d simply get a rash and a raw, slightly swollen throat from the scent of it. As of today, I cannot be in the same room as peanuts. Immediately after anything with even the slightest hint of peanut, peanut extract, or peanut oil in it is around me, my system goes down. In much, much nicer words, my body simply shuts down on me within a matter
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