Pearl Harbor : As A Cause

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Donavan Anderson English III Mrs. Crockett 5 November 2014 Pearl Harbor (as a cause) “May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t” said General George S. Patton, whenever the attack on Pearl Harbor happened (Allen). That was not an easy time in history. World War I was long gone and now World War II was happening, once again the whole world lost its mutual peace. Luckily, for a while, the U.S.A was not involved. Our economy was not doing very well in the late 1930’s by any means! Then on December 7 of 1941, the day of the attack on our homeland, thousands of service members died and our fleet of navy ships in Hawaii was crippled. A pivotal event in American history, Pearl Harbor was a cause of relocation camps and America’s entrance into World War II. A major effect of Pearl Harbor was the Japanese “relocation camps” in America. With some aspects similar to those of Nazi Germany’s concentration camps in Poland. In the first few months of the war Japan had defeated many and taking few casualties. U.S. troops in the Philippines were overwhelmed, while they had also sunk numerous U.S. Navy ships out in coastal and oceanic waters, they were making America quite paranoid with all of their successful raids and impressive victories. It had brought paranoia to civilians; many had the impression that their Japanese neighbors could in fact be spies for Japan working for intel to take back against America. Therefore, President Roosevelt authorized “relocation centers”

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