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Pearl Harbor-Bald Eagle Times #58 To the readers of the Bald Eagle Times newspaper and anyone involved in the daily issues: As a newspaper reporter, I do my best to publish the cold hard truth, without any introduction of bias towards anyone that may or may not have been involved, whether that bias be directly or indirectly. This means a great deal of work on my part, and often I delay my reporting of the news until I am sure that all the facts I have reported are correct. It also means that before you get the truth, there are mobs of stories claiming to have nothing but "the truth as told to me by a witness" or "the inside scoop" or "the real deal." These newspapers are usually full of bologna, exaggeration, what the readers want to hear, and other shenanigans. Thus is the case of the story that 's about to be told. It is the story of the December 7, 1941 attack on the American naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, by the Japanese Empire. Although I was there, I still delayed my reporting until I was sure I had all my facts straight. In this instance, however, I was not able to keep this article free of the interjection of bias. This story, and more I fear are to come, are completely accurate, but not free of the interjection of bias, though it was minimized. However the story is 100% fact. The empire of japan had secret plans to conquer the Philippines, Malaya, the Netherlands and the East Indies. This they felt, would increase the nation’s strength, and it would be a

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