Pearl Harbor Impact On American Society

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Pearl Harbour had a large impact on American society due to it’s negative and long-lasting effects. This included political changes involving the government making the decision to join the war, economic changes including changes in employment and social changes in how it impacted America’s overall physical and mental health.

The Japanese military conducted an attack on the American naval base in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 7th, 1941 just before 8am in the morning. They came with a total of 408 fighter planes when they attacked Pearl Harbour. This disastrous attack lasted about two hours and had devastating results for the United States of America (USA), both in the short-term and long-term. During the attack on Pearl Harbour, almost twenty American naval vessels, including eight battleships and more than three hundred airplanes were destroyed. Close to two thousand American soldiers died and one thousand were wounded. In response to the events at Pearl Harbour, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan. This was approved by the congress in one dissenting vote. Japan then allied with Germany and Italy and retaliated by declaring war on the USA. After two years of observing the conflict around them, the Pearl Harbour attack was what urged the Americans to join World War II. Therefore, the social, political, and economical impacts of the Pearl Harbour hit hard on the American Society.

The attack on Pearl Harbour led to substantial political decisions that

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