Pearl Harbor Movie Analysis

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Pearl Harbor (film): a compromise between reality and fiction

1 The Japanese attack on how accurately depicted in the film?
2. Are there really two drivers named Ralph McCauley and Danny Walker?
3. How accurate is displayed when the actions and attacks a nurse of the hospital?
4. Is it really Luo Sifu of his wheelchair to stand and walk to make a point?
Doolittle's raid is accurately portrayed in the film?
6. How accurately the airplane and the airport depicted in the film?
7.Admiral Kimmel is shown to play golf when the attack occurred.
8. In the film, Ma Lilan, Nevada, Tennessee and Pennsylvania, as shown damaged.1. Japanese screen is a fairly accurate description of how the United States secretly. They did not disappear and flood waves announce a possible attack various targets in the Pacific radar. This annoyed the United States, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and to help take advantage of surprise.
2. There has never been any driver Ralph McCauley and name of Danny Walker. However, should be based on two pilots Lt. George Welch and Kenneth Taylor. There are many similarities between human characters and fiction in real life. Welch and Taylor Buick absence of competition during the attack at the airport were the first two pilots soil.addition, Welch, and Taylor are responsible for the removal of at least six Japanese lost 29 aircraft. However, the nurses love story with Welch and Taylor never occur as shown in the film.addition, Welch and Taylor did not participate
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