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Pearl Harbor (2001) | > Final Paper | MDIA 350 | | Matthew C. Johnson | November 24, 2009 | Matthew Johnson Beth Novak Evolution of Multimedia (MDIA 350) 24 November 2009 Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor is a docu-drama that was released May 25 2001 and details the attack of the Empire of Japan on the Naval and Air forces the United States had stationed at Pearl Harbor, located on the Hawaiian Islands that brought the United States into World War II. The story of Pearl Harbor, and the men and women who became heroes that day is a story that needs to be told. People need to know what happened that day so that they will never take for granted the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women every day. This movie is very…show more content…
“There are four one hundred percent CG shots in the film: the shot of the bomb falling toward the USS Arizona, the two shots of the explosion of the Arizona as it jumps upwards in the water, and the two Japanese Zeroes pitching down towards Battleship Row” [ (IMDB - Pearl Harbor (2001)) ]. Visual effects (defined here as effects done with a computer) are used when it is either too expensive or too dangerous to do practically. Figure [ 1 ] – Courtesy Hopper Engineering Associates One of the most talked about scenes in the ‘Making of:’ portion of the DVD was the capsizing of the USS Oklahoma. For this shot, they built the world’s largest gimbal (pictured here), and on this device they built the front 180 feet of the ship. This device was made out of solid steel, and weighed 350 thousand pounds. The purpose of this gimbal was to flip the ship safely with around 150-200 stuntmen on it, and then ILM would go into the computer later and add the rest of the ship that wasn’t actually there. [ (McCallie) ] “ILM used Alias Studio, Maya, and Softimage for basic modeling.” [ (Wolff) ] Figure [ 2 ] – [ (McCallie) ] Another shot that was very dependent on ILM for effects was during the attack, and there was a scene where a Japanese ‘zero’ was shot down, and crashes into a radio tower. “It banks out of control, skids along a rooftop, and slams into the tower about 20 feet from the viewer. “You see the

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