Pearls, Power And Politics. Madeleine Kunin Is Known As

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Pearls, Power and Politics Madeleine Kunin is known as an American diplomat and a politician. She was Vermont’s 77th Governor and was a member of the Democratic Party. She served as Governor for three terms, beginning in 1978. Madeleine was the first Jewish governor to be elected by a U.S state. In 1972, Madeleine was elected a State Representative of Vermont. She served as a representative for three terms and in 1976 was appointed Chair of the Appropriations Committee. Being the chair of the Appropriations committee meant that she would have to control the budget. During her time as chairwoman, Madeleine received her PhD in state government, while managing bills that required new spending that got sent to the committee. She was also…show more content…
A second barrier is time. Madeleine talked about when she was first elected in the legislature and how time became a factor, especially in the role as a woman. When women are in positions like legislation, they must be able to find time to campaign, while taking care of their children and family at home. Female candidates were advised not to include pictures of their families in promotional material (25). When Madeleine is with her family, she turns her phone and everything off to make sure she is giving her family the attention that they deserve. She says that the time spent with family is special and is a nonnegotiable time (25). Privacy and Risk become a problem for women. Mothers are particularly concerned because they feel that they have an added responsibility to protect their families, who should not have to suffer because of them (26). For women criticism by the public was common because they were not home with their children. When looking at the loss of privacy, it is more definite when someone’s campaigns turn ugly. Especially single women feel this threatening of loss of privacy. Women are always getting asked questions that pertain to the home and family. Nothing seems to sell like the privacy of women politicians (29). When women fail, they tend to take it personally. Madeleine struggled in 1981 when she first ran for governor and lost. She said she was devastated. Women struggle to make losing less personal and tend to let it affect

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