Pearson Nation

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What forms a nation is something that is quantified differently depending on the argument, some having do with natural land boundaries, some having to do with an ethnic background, some with a religious background and others still having do with blood. A nation is a group of people who collectively have something that unites them. For Pearson, a nation is an organized whole in a constant struggle with others through efforts to make the nation intelligent and homogeneous. This means that a nation can only have one type of member forming its populations, the highly intelligent superior race fulfilling every role in society. A nation has to struggle within as a nation against all other nations to prove to themselves that they were the best and…show more content…
A nation has to struggle against external forces to keep the inner unity of the people high for the people unite against a common enemy. A nation has to struggle with the common enemy of life and its environment to provide a unifying bond for its people. However, Pearson believes that for a nation to be unified all its people have to be homogenous or belonging to the same race because Pearson believes that the races are too intellectually and morally different that it is never possible to intermix the two of them. He believes that one race or stock was intrinsically good because of the inherited traits were only good while the other race was bad because it could only inherit the bad characteristics. The nation must be seen as homogenous because only through unity can the people conquer the struggles of life. Pearson advocates for nations to have citizens who are similar to one another because of the principles of morality and self-sacrifice i.e. the desire to sacrifice oneself increases with the closeness of the bond between people as in kin. It is easier to create kinship bonds between similar people for the people will feel a connection to one another. He also proposes ending the massive class differences because it creates dissidence within the nation if some have food and others do not. A nation is only as strong as its weakest players so a nation must be united at all
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