Pearson Product-moment Correlation Coefficient and Causal Model

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Assignment: Interpreting Correlational Findings Following are brief summaries of correlational findings, in which variables were found to be significantly associated with each other. Your task is to determine which of the three major causal models (i.e., interpretations) could account for each finding. Indicate in the table below, by placing an X in the appropriate space, which of these three models could provide a possible explanation. Place an X in the space only if you judge the causal model to be possible & reasonably plausible. If you decide that the third model is possible, generate two possibilities for what variable “C” could represent, and type a short summary (one to 4 words should be sufficient) of these variables in…show more content…
Causal interpretation --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Variables correlated (A & B) A(B B (A C B --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Having a pet in childhood (A) & ___X___ _______ _______ likelihood of becoming a CEO (B) Potential third Variables: _____________________ _____________________ 2. A study of factors predicting profitability in bank branches found that branches with friendly tellers (friendliness as rated by bank customers) were more profitable than were branches with less friendly tellers. Causal interpretation
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