Pebble Time Vs. Pebble

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Pebble Time is an interesting and cool wearable that is nothing but the basics you need in a smartwatch. Its predecessor, the original Pebble Smartwatch was an instant hit in 2012, receiving about $10 million through the Kickstarter campaign, setting a record high in the history of Kickstarter at that time. Relying solely on Kickstarter for its success, the original Pebble Smartwatch won the hearts of many tech geeks and mainstream consumers alike. With the wearable market progressing so rapidly with more gorgeous, and functional wearables, Pebble had to step up its game by introducing something great. The Pebble Time!

Pebble Time and Steel

The Pebble Time comes in 2 versions, Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. Just like the original Pebble Smartwatch, these 2 versions are targeted at 2 different types of users. The Time features a youthful and sporty smartwatch, while the Time Steel features a classy and professional smartwatch. The Time Steel also comes in two other options: one with a leather strap and one with a stainless steel strap. Another notable difference between Time and Time Steel is that Time Steel is actually slightly thicker than the Time due to the larger battery which gives users up to 10 days of power, while the Time only gives up to 7.

Pebble Time : The Specifications

Pebble Time - Specs


Credits to : SpecCut

It 's Sporty Design

The Pebble Time has an unassuming, simple design and absolutely nothing flashy about it. However, as
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