Ped 212 (Foundations of Movement and Motor Activities) Entire Course

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PED 212 (Foundations of Movement and Motor Activities) Entire Course

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PED 212 Week 1 DQ 1 Current Issues
Current Issues

Choose a current issue to research that can be related to providing quality physical education at the elementary school level. Some examples of issues might be childhood obesity, budget constraints, family / home environment, nutrition, prenatal care, lack of medical care or other factors that either offer an advantage or disadvantage to a child’s motor development. Review
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5 yrs OverhandThrowing Practicethrowingsmallbouncyballagainstwallorintobucket.
6 yrs Catching Usingbeanbagshavethechildrentossthebeanbagupintheairforthemtocatch.

PED 212 Week 2 DQ 2 Complex Skills According to the textbook, “skill learning takes place through a predictable and consistent sequence. It is also similar to that of growth and development by how the rate of learning a skill is different across people and depends on a person’s environment as well as their previous experiences” (Hastie, 2012).
Select a complex motor skill that you are proficient at (such as bowling, riding a bike, driving a car, jumping rope, etc.). Explain when you first learned it and your early experiences with this skill. Try to describe how you acquired this skill in terms of the phases discussed in Chapter 4. Then describe the progress a learner might take as they begin to master this same skill.

PED 212 Week 2 Fundamental Skill Lesson Plan

Section 1: Lesson Information
• Pre-K to Third grade (ages 4 to 8)
• Level/ Prep.
• 9 students
• Shape Dance/Aerobics
• State Standard (ALABAMA)
Section 2: Lesson Introduction
• We will have a quick aerobic workout for our warm up, we all will stand in big circle and each child will take turns of suggesting a new move. Then we will start our daily activity, which will be dancing. The students will move to stimuli such as rhythm, beat, music, and words. Different movement patterns that resemble

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