Pedagogical Approaches

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The emergence of new and many times innovative technologies in response to meeting a need regardless of that need being academic or industry driven has changed several aspects of the technical communicators approaches to writing. More specifically surveying the advent of digital interfaces and the responses of this community both academic including pedagogical approaches and those applying their skills in the workforce will present a picture of where concerns and advantages lie. This paper will survey a theory based on how the development of new technologies has and will continue to guide the way in which technical communicators interact, create, and conceptualize their discipline as well as an inevitable impact on pedagogical approaches and versatility in the subject matter.…show more content…
Philip Rubens' article, "The Impact of Innovative Communication Technologies: Online Documentation, the Reader, and the Writer" will be used to survey the foundational materials and concerns with the reader/writer relationship that developed in response to new and purely digital based text. Janice Tovey's article, "Computer Interfaces and Visual Rhetoric: Looking at the Technology" being written nearly ten years after Rubens' will provide a snapshot into the furthering developments and insights that came in response to an expansion of digital technologies and new interfaces for writers. Moreover, Tovey's work expands on Rubens' work into the affect that these technologies had on the reader/writer relationships. Lastly, the article written by Stuart Blythe (et al.), "Professional and Technical Communication in a Web 2.0 World" will be used first examine the range of fields that the technical communicator operates in a professional capacity and as a result suggestions on possible refocusing a pedagogy that is inclusionary to "visual design" (Blythe et al. 281).
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