Pedagogy of The Oppressed Analysis Ch.2 Essay

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Angelica Bocanegra
Professor Susan Swan
English 1301.001
28 July 2014
Problem-Posing vs. Banking concept In Pedagogy of the Oppressed Paulo Freire mentions the teacher-student contradiction. The contradiction is when students are controlled by teachers. The teachers have the authority over the students, which puts the students in a position that lacks freedom to experience their identity as humans. This contradiction exists due to the banking concept of education. Freire states that the banking concept encourages the contradiction between teachers and students. The banking concept rejects students as individuals and sees them as objects. As a result of the rejection as individuals, students are unable to speak or act upon their own
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This "process of becoming" demonstrates that education is continuously a moving activity. I strongly agree with the Freire views on problem-posing. Problem-posing is the best way to go about teaching students. The students have the opportunity to express themselves through communication. By expressing themselves, they are vulnerable to learning and experiencing the benefits of problem-posing. Students become interactive with the teachers who are positioned to promote a comfortable environment. This assists in creating friendships. With problem-posing, men and women are able to experience freedom and success. As a mentor for the incoming freshmen in high school, I created an atmosphere that allowed the freshmen to feel comfortable enough to be confident in who they were. This mentoring program introduced me to problem-posing. I was simultaneously teaching and being taught. There was no facilitator in the group. The group consisted of three seniors and six freshmen. We were assigned to welcome and befriend the freshmen. We were similar to a big brother or sister. We assisted them with any difficulties they were having; either in school, home, or even outside in the world.
I learned a lot from them as they learned a lot from me. The trust we had enabled us to develop bonds, mature, and open up to the freshmen. We established a comfortable

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