Pedestrian Walk Signs

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Over the years, technology has advanced a great deal. Though, there is always room for even the most minimal improvement. Human factors and engineering psychologist have tried to answer many questions concerning advancement in technology, transportation, or even tasks or jobs. For example, much improvement can be made with traffic lights, remote controls for the elderly, and the prevention of missing children.

Beginning with traffic lights, yes of course they have evolved to become a great tool for safety and order. Though they can be improved in at least two ways; the equal amount of time of each light, and pedestrian walk signs should also get their own separate time to cross. For example, many lights at turns tend to last a lot less than the straight light stops. This must change. Another obstacle of these short lasting lights are the pedestrian lights interfering with the traffic lights. Many can argue that it takes a lot of the short time vehicles are given at the traffic lights. Therefore, I suggest a better time schedule for these lights. Each light from all different angles should be given the same amount of
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We all have or know of old fashioned elderlies whom refuse or simply cannot get the hang of advanced technology. In this case, something as small as a remote control can be improved for the sake of all our elderlies. Just about all remote controls for cable companies have a big controller with many unnecessary buttons that not everyone will use. Therefore, I suggest that all cable companies should offer a smaller remote control for elderlies that have fewer buttons that are necessary for their choice of packet. In no offense to advanced elderlies, but this special and programed remote control can be an option for those who wish for less complicated channel changing. Not only for elderlies, but for everyone who wishes for a modern and in yet “prehistoric"
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