Pediatric Department: Pain Management

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Pediatric Department: Pain Management Introduction Statistics are showing that the pediatric population is at risk of insufficient pain management, with age-related issues that are having an effect on pain management that is in children. Children are regularly provided token or no analgesia for actions that would habitually be preserved hostilely in adults. With said, making sure that the pain management department is running effectively is very important. The importance of improving the care provided in America's pediatric division has encouraged the development and endorsement of an increasing portfolio performance measures especially in pain management (Bhargava, R., & Brown, L., 2011). It is important to understand that promoting a high performing health care system does require better measurement and the utilization of those measures to compensate proper care, improve health outcomes, and permit customers and purchaser to utilize the statistics to make suitable value-driven choices (Feinberg, 2002). Even though there has been quite a bit progress over the past decade in the parts of measure growth and commendation, there continues to be important breaches in both serious measurement areas - for instance competence and differences of care - and putting that info to use for performance-based imbursement, consumer support, and quality improvement. Saying all of this, this essay will analyze and critically discuss pain management in the pediatric department.
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