Pediatric Diagnosis Of Type I Diabetes

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Often, people think of the children first when there is a paediatric diagnosis of Type I diabetes; however, families are affected to a great extent when learning management of the disease. To explore this issue further I developed a PICOT question: “how do families of children with newly diagnosed Type I diabetes adjust to accommodate to this long-term chronic illness in their daily lives?” I searched the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) using various research strategies to find evidence to support my question. First, I created my search terms; “children with newly diagnosed diabetes” and “family coping.” I paired them with the Boolean operator “AND”, hoping to narrow my results. I found that this narrowed my results more than anticipated, as it resulted in only six articles. I then tried the Boolean operator “OR” to expand the search and the results came back with fifty articles. After checking article abstracts, I selected the articles that I believed would answer my question in great detail. In this paper I will outline how families of children with a new diabetes diagnoses accommodate the disease in their daily lives through peer support, mastery of stress, and professional education.
Family Adjustment to Newly Diagnosed Type I Diabetes; Nursing Relevance
The Public Health Agency of Canada reported 3287 new cases of juvenile diabetes (ages 1-19), with most cases occurring between ages 10-14 years between 2008-2009, increasing the…
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