Pediatric Exanthems Research Paper

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Pediatric Exanthems An exanthem is a skin manifestation or rash caused by an underlying infectious process. When children present with a skin rash, and/ or fever, it is important to differentiate a common viral or bacterial exanthem, from a serious, life-threatening illness that may require immediate management. The particular form or shape of an exanthem may provide clues of the underlying illness. Some helpful resources that explain the characteristics of pediatric exanthems include: • • • •…show more content…
GAS produces an erythrogenic toxin that damages capillaries and produces an erythematous macular rash with sandpaperlike texture (Dhar, 2015). I see more cases of scarlet fever during the spring season, typically in children attending to daycare. Besides the characteristic, blanching, orange-red skin eruption that feels like sandpaper, the red-strawberry tongue presentation is very common. In scarlet fever, a flushed face with circumoral pallor helps me differentiate this medical condition from the representative hyperemic cracked lips seen in Kawasaki disease (Bryant & Lester,
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