Pediatric Growth And Development Assessment

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Pediatric Growth and Development Assessment
Bethany Foust
Olympic College

Pediatric Growth and Development Assessment
Client’s Initials: N.P.
Date: 6/7/16
Age: 17 years old
G&D Category: Adolescence

Psychosocial: (Erikson) Identity vs. Role Confusion. At this stage the client is expected to be trying on roles and establishing a sense of self while deciding what direction to take in life. An evaluation of self, friends and family is done, and changes are made as needed. This patient has achieved this stage, evidenced by a strong group of friends that he sees every morning before school to go fishing with. He also has decided to join the army reserves after graduation while he tries to gain employment at the shipyard. He demonstrated a stable and positive attitude by laughing, smiling, and making eye contact when talking with the people at the urgent care. Psychosexual: (Freud) Genital Stage. In this stage the client achieves physical growth and development of sexual characteristics. The focus is on sexual interest, expressed through relationships. N.P. is in this stage, as evidenced by him having a pregnant girlfriend who accompanied him to the appointment. Physical maturation is demonstrated through facial hair, deepening of the voice, and a height close to six feet.

Developmental Tasks: (Havighurst) Tasks in this stage include achieving a gender role, gaining emotional independence, preparing for a career, preparing for marriage and family life, achieving…
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