Pediatric Medication Safety And The Medical Field

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Pediatric Medication Safety There are many problems that the employees in the medical field face on a daily basis.
There is a set of ethics that those in the medical field have to abide by, and one of those ethical standards is to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patients. In order to withhold that standard, it is the nurses job to ensure the safety of their patients. Administrating medication is one task that problems can occur in. If a patients is given the wrong medication, dosage, or the medication is given to the wrong patient this can comprise the safety of the patients involved. This paper will discuss how the wrong medications are being given out, pharmacy problems with medication, and the different solutions to help solve the safety problems.
Handling Medication Safely The first major problem nurses have to face every day is the problem concerning safety. Safety is in many different forms, such as the safety for patients, nurses and the other staff members that could be involved. One safety that is a concern is medication safety. Every day all around the world medication is distributed, and given to many different age groups. One of the many jobs for nurses is to give medication. Medication could be a safety concern because if the wrong dose is given, it could harm or not help the patient or individual. Nurses have many jobs such as but not limited to giving medications, bathing, changing, and feeding all the patients for each of their shifts.
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