Pediatric Nursing

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Pediatric Nursing A pediatric nurse must offer the proper maintenance care to a child. Depending on the specific pediatrics office or environment that they work, most accurately define the roles that they are to assume. In pediatrics nursing, the nurse is responsible for the developmental screenings. Part of this aspect includes measuring the height, weight, and other preliminary measures that mark a child’s growth and development. Nurses in pediatrics are often responsible for collecting laboratory samples. A pediatric nurse will also perform further routine tests and screenings such as checking a child’s temperature, heart rate, blood pressure levels, and respiratory rates. He or she may be responsible for conducting the more basic…show more content…
All fees are subject to change You have to be licensed in the state of Indiana in order to work. ALL APPLICANTS must mail a completed application along with the items listed below to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. If you have ever held a license as a nurse previously in Indiana, and are applying again for the same profession, please contact our office at (317) 234-2043 or by e-mail at to inquire about reactivating your previous license. Please type or print neatly with black or blue ink. A.Include a photograph, approximately 2 ½ x 3 ½ inches, head and shoulders view, black and white or color, of professional quality. Polaroid type or laminated
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