Pediatric Nursing Research Paper

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There is numerous amount of children in the world we live on today. Those children require health care throughout their infancy to young adulthood. Pediatric Nurses are professional nurses who work with these children’s. Pediatrics is an area of expertise in which medicine focus on providing a preventative and acute care to infants and teenagers (Carlson, 2012). Pediatric nurses are important to our medical field due to the care, knowledge and skills they dedicate to children’s health. The nurse evaluates the infant, recognizes the nursing problem by examination of symptoms, and applies nursing aid (Ball & Binder, 1999). Every nurse must phase an abundance of obstacles to become a nurse. A pediatric nurse has different pathways of…show more content…
Pediatric nurses have several responsibilities and those include keeping track of their patients’ measurements, mass, and developmental growth. Pediatric nurses help physicians throughout treatments and exams. They are also responsible for immunizations and vaccinations, and keep on track with their shots ( Ball & Blinder, 1999). In pediatric nursing, a children receiving care must be educated to a certain level due to how difficult it is to work with infants at diverse levels of comprehension (Ball & Blinder, 1999). Pediatric nurses have different options to where they can work at. Some of these options are hospitals, pediatricians’ offices, schools, home health agencies, and many other (Ball & Blinder, 1999). Rehabilitation centers is a setting in which nurses provide care to children who are in chronic conditions. As well as providing care, they provide a sufficient amount of effort to successfully reach the goals of enhancing the health of these adolescents. The Certified Pediatric Nurse is an exam that provides a great extent of credential for pediatric registered nurses. In order to be eligible for this exam, a student must first be a registered nurse. Next, they must obtain a certain amount of experience in pediatric nursing within the previous five years. The time earned in the area determine whether a candidate is eligible for the exam. After, if the candidate is eligible they must take the exam and pass it. Finally, you obtain your result and must keep track of it annually (Carlson,
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