Pediatric Physical Therapy Essay

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This was an interesting article from the journal “Physical therapy.” This article acknowledges that pediatric physical has been shown to reduce skull deformation in infants with positional preference; however, this article also recognizes that not all infants respond well to therapy. The main focus of this study was to identify characteristics in parents and in infants which may help to predict responses to therapy. This study was a “prospective cohort study. “Two to four months old infants with positional preference and/or skull deformation were observed for two and a half months at the start of pediatric physical therapy. Potential predictors to the response of physical therapy were assessed at baseline with questionnaires, plagiocephalometry, and the alberta infant motor scale. The outcome determined either a good or a bad response to therapy. Therapy and therapist characteristics were collected retrospectively. Most infants received 2-3 treatment sessions a month later 16-30 minutes each. Univariate and multiple logistic regression analyses with a stepwise backward elimination method were…show more content…
According to this study, several baseline predictors to poor response to therapy were identified. The findings of this study showed that Infants who had a baseline skull deformation above a certain percent, infants with low parental satisfaction of head shape scores, and infants who started therapy after the age of 3 months were all more likely to respond poorly to therapy. Although males seemed to be more likely than females to respond poorly to therapy, infants with foreign parents, infants with parents of lower levels of education, sex, method of feeding, and frequency of tummy time were all just above the P value of
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