Pediatric Safety and Quality

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Pediatric Safety and Quality Date of Submission TOC o "1-3" h z u Stage 1: Critical Reflection Throughout my profession as a nurse practitioner, I have encountered numerous touch points that have shaped and influenced my career in various ways. Fundamentally, my role as a nurse and as a person who articulates and executes actions into viable visions has been inspirational to many people with a vision of joining the nursing profession, and this explains my personality. Often, along the way, I have experienced the disequilibrium of conflict with my career, which has been a tremendous influence in reforming my purpose in my career, as I have greatly battled to trounce the challenges. I have come to see nursing as a dynamic field among other disciplines. I learned this after I finished my nursing training and RN registration in the United States, and then worked in the UK as a staff nurse in the Bromley area trust until I returned home to work in Malaysia. I have adopted some fundamental principles that drive my beliefs about nursing as vocational career besides being a professional career. I also took up an opportunity to work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia. I have been working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1995, on and off until the present. I am registered with three Nursing Boards; N.M.C, Malaysian Nursing Board, Saudi Council for Health specialties. In my course of working, I believe I have espoused an informal methodology similar to the grounded theory, as I
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