Pediatric Surgeon Personal Statement

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I pride myself on being an exceptional, well-rounded, scholarly student. My youth was indeed humble, with the serenity of a loving atmosphere. As an only child, my mother and father's admiration always assured comforting bond, as I often felt unorthodox without the companionship of a sibling or friend. Once school circulated, it guided cease the dread of isolation and divulged into a marvel of academic voyages. I've always been fond of science, whether it's biology or chemistry, it's drawn me to the inquiry of the medical field. I perceived the significance of my education as it's become a motivation to relinquish my zeal for knowledge, considering it's imperative to my competence (fix the ending).
After much consideration and research, I've aspired to become a pediatric surgeon. As a pediatric surgeon, I would accommodate the needs of all sick children through the dexterity I possess. I've always dealt with health issues, for years I've been hospitalized on multiple occasions for pancreatitis. Yes, a whirlwind to manage, yet the unity of doctors and nurses aided the optimization of my well-being. This ultimately motivated my urge to alleviate others pain and
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I've always strived to be a worthy student to ensure the rendition of a proper grasp of knowledge. Though I often succumbed to unfortunate events, I remained diligent in my courses and proceeded with my school regimen. I'm proud to continue volunteering at hospitals, as I can come t understand the functions of the staff, a doctor's approach, and observing routines during a crisis. I desire to become a pediatric surgeon where I can meticulously treat the inevitability of a child's illness, as doctors were able to do the same for me. I view the profession as an honor as I'm able to care for children, whom I have an enthusiasm in attending, to the beneficiary of changing one's' life and perceive that individual will live a vibrant, healthy
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