Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Business Plan Proposal Essays

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I. Business Summary A. Executive Summary B. Business Description C. Specific strategies, goals, and objectives II. Equipment/Training & Education Description A. What the service specifically provides B. Why this service is different and/or special C. What equipment is needed (Table 1) D. Required training E. Regulatory requirements III. Organizational Plan A. Organizational chart B. Management Summary C. Management Responsibilities IV. Marketing Plan A. Demographics B. Targeted Market/Location C. Competition/Competitive Advantage V. Financial Plan A. Financial Assumptions for the Projection B. Projected income statement C. Cost, Supplies/Equipment Pediatric Urgent Care…show more content…
See the below table of pediatric equipment required and is this may not be an all-inclusive list, but well needed equipment: TABLE 1. Office Emergency Equipment and Supplies Airway management Oxygen-delivery system E Bag-valve-mask (450 and 1000 mL) E Clear oxygen masks, breather and nonrebreather, with reservoirs (infant, child, adult) E Suction device, tonsil tip, bulb syringe E Nebulizer (or metered-dose inhaler with spacer/mask) E Oropharyngeal airways (sizes 00–5) E Pulse oximeter E Nasopharyngeal airways (sizes 12–30F) S Magill forceps (pediatric, adult) S Suction catheters (sizes 5–16F) and Yankauer suction tip S Nasogastric tubes (sizes 6–14F) S Laryngoscope handle (pediatric, adult) with extra batteries, bulbs S Laryngoscope blades (straight 0–4; curved 2–3) S Endotracheal tubes (uncuffed 2.5–5.5; cuffed 6.0–8.0) S Stylets (pediatric, adult) S Esophageal intubation detector or end-tidal carbon dioxide detector S Vascular access and fluid management Butterfly needles (19–25 gauge) S Catheter-over-needle device (14–24 gauge) S Arm boards, tape, tourniquet S Intraosseous needles (16, 18 gauge) S Intravenous tubing, microdrip S Miscellaneous equipment and supplies Color-coded tape or preprinted drug doses E Cardiac arrest board/backboard E Sphygmomanometer (infant,

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