Pediatrician Advertisement Analysis

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The ad focuses on the idea that a pediatrician is able to help a child both physically and mentally. I found this ad in an online magazine on a health website for children. This ad is sponsored by the "American Academy of Pediatrics" and "Friends of Children fund" and their mottos are both dedicated to promote good health care for children. I believe that this ad is important because there are parents out there who are not aware of the problems their child is going through and instead of looking for help, the problem is just ignored. This ad causes me to believe that pediatricians are necessary for the proper development and health care for a child.
The ad stands out by illustrating a little girl who looks helpless. The target of the ad naturally looks behind the girl and is able to see a doctor who is looking at the girl to see what is wrong with her. This ad progresses to announce its importance by using bold letters which mention, “Mom! Dad! Ask the doctor about my emotional development, too” in the center of the paper to seize the reader’s attention. At the bottom of the page, the ad has a small paragraph that talks about the problems and concerns a child may have where a pediatrician may be able to serve a child.
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Before I saw this ad, I would believe that pediatricians are just doctors who are trying to take money from people. However, after carefully analyzing the ad, I can see that a pediatrician can help me understand a child’s health and emotional status. The ad has fulfilled its purpose because it tests to see if people are good parents or not, and if they are, then they will make sure to get a pediatrician for their child. The ad also has convinced me to take my child to a doctor when I have a child. Ultimately, the ad is asking, “Do you care about your child’s development or
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