Pediatrician Discrimination And Discrimination

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Pediatricians initiating their job may be unaware of the racism by the hospital staff, majorly white, unconsciously. Patients who are minorities may experience a sense of fear of going to the hospital to be unconsciously discriminated against and not being able to connect with someone of their race or culture. Without this connection, patients feel timid when they are not able to communicate with someone who is not of their race, gender or culture causing a border between the patient and the pediatrician. Therefore, as Dossey (2015) says “If Black doctors are marginalized, it is a cinch their patients feel marginalized as well” (para. 8). Meaning that not only minority pediatricians are discriminated, but the patients as well. To forget these patients, have health care issues because their race, culture, or socioeconomic status leads to a major healthcare disadvantage. Indeed, empathy should accompany the pediatrician when conversing the patient’s problem to create a better experience for both. “Thoughts, feelings, and behavior related to race and ethnicity play a critical role in health care disparities” (Penner, 2013, para. 1). This quote implies that it is not only the physical aspects that might be judged but also the emotional state as well. In fact, many other factors influence the unconscious racism to minorities patients and pediatricians such as “socioeconomic status, [and] language proficiency […etc.]” (Penner, 2013, pg. 4). Equally important it is to say the
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