Pedophilia In America

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Experts believe that the prevalence of Pedophilia amongst the American population is about 4%. 29% of the paedophiles are relatives, 60% are friends and acquaintances, and 11% are strangers (Russell, 1986). Refer to diagram 1. 1/3 of these paedophiles committed crime against their own children and almost half had a relationship with their victim as a friend, acquaintance, or even relative. (Comparing Federal and State Prison Inmates, 2000) Three quarters of these crimes were committed in either the victim's or in the pedophile’s home. 3/10 of these offenders had conducted their crimes upon multiple children. (Comparing Federal and State Prison Inmates, 2000) In 1989, a study was conducted upon 200 undergrads and found that 5% admits to masturbating…show more content…
Most cases whereby a female commits a pedophilia crime against a child are not reported. Major incidences happen all across America. A 33 year old Nevada nurse that molested up to 18 patients, this includes a 9 year old girl who later suffered brain aneurysm and died. The alumni of the American Boy Choir School of the 60s to the 80s, filed allegations against former staff members, and reported that they sexually abused the boys. There are very few cases of pedophilia reported to authorities due to the lightness of the offence. An Indonesian man was arrested for sodomizing 73 boys and was guilty of a sexual harassment case in Jakarta International School. (TEMPO.CO, 2014) In recent years, more and more cases are being reported in Asia. Notable location for the pedophiles to be located due to the nations situation is Thailand. In Thailand, many young girls are forced into prostitution at the age of 10-12, A haven for pedophiles in the Asian region. There is approximately 60,000- 200,000 Thai children conducting prostitution. FACE, a Thai organisation claims about 5,000 foreigners goes to Thailand to conduct intercourse with underage
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