Pedophilia Essay

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Paedophilia: comes from the Greek word; paidophilia, which means friendship. But such a meaning denies the true horror of their beliefs and actions. A paedophile is a person who fantasies about having a relationship with young children. It is a person with a dark, destructive and a disturbed mind. Society in general is revolted by these people but they are encouraged to view it with understanding. Many health officials describe it as a mental illness that has no known cure. This is why they have to hide their tendencies from public view. But who in there right frame of mind would send off their young, helpless child and pass them into the hands of a horrifying, mentally unstable babysitter? Would you leave your child alone? Defenceless and …show more content…
These are insufferable acts and thoughts that cannot and should not be forgiven, even by government.

Some people with paedophilia threaten children to stop them from reporting their action. Others like those who victimize children, can develop complex ways to gain access to their chosen victim thus gaining the Childs trust. But his is not always the case. The majority of paedophiles gain the trust of the parent to reassure them that the child is in safe hands. Once the child is theirs they would trade the child to other gangs of paedophilia because, by doing so they would make a profitable amount of money. Or an infrequent occasions, become a foster parent from a nonindistrialized nation.

The most famous of cases is the “Holly and Jessica” case. Where the children knew the caretaker to be respectable and inevitably thought that it was safe place to go in a time of need. That was not the case. The caretaker, with the help of his current girlfriend, sexually abused the children. Beat them and murdered them. This is not the kind of world our future generation should be living in. They deserve protection from these sick and depraved “humans”. If these paedophiles were locked away on their first offence of paedophilia, these cruel deeds would never have been inflicted on these defenceless children. My argument is just such! The government should not allow them to get away with such ghastly behavior. Such abductions and types of molestation would then be only
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