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Exploring the World of Pedophilia

Abnormal Psychology 201

In recent years religious groups, policymakers and psychologist have debated information regarding the psychosexual disorder called Pedophilia. Most people agree that this disorder deserves attention, and there are very negative stigmas associated. California Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Democrat, wants to federalize a state law to protect pedophiles. In October 2013, the top cleric in Poland’s Roman Catholic Church said parents share blame for certain cases of pedophilia. Recently, Iranian legislature approved a law that will allow girls under the age of 13 to marry as long as the permission of her father is granted. This research paper will examine the
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Lastly, in October 2013 the top cleric in Poland’s Roman Catholic Church said parents share blame for certain cases of pedophilia. Pedophilia has become a great topic of interest and concern to the public. With television shows like “To Catch a Predator”, spark the emotions of everyday citizens regarding the vulnerability of children to sex offenders.
The vast majority of the abuse against minors is from either a family member, or someone they know such as a coach, teacher or church leader, according to Dr. Fred Berlin, founder and director of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic in Baltimore. Pedophilia and child sexual abuse are generally seen as morally wrong and abnormal by American society.
While some other cultures justify this sexual behavior through religion and culture; Americans normally do not. For instance, Jerry Sandusky was convicted of sexual assault, although he had a clinical diagnosis of histrionic personality disorder (HPD). As defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a person that is prone to flirtatiousness, attention seeking, and emotionally manipulative behavior. Sandusky was convicted last year of 45 counts of child sexual abuse and sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. (Ferguson, 2012)
In Middle Eastern cultures because of the prophet Muhammad actions with Aisha a 6 year old bride, some Muslims have justified pedophilia
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