Essay on Pedophilia, and Sexual Offenses

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Pedophilia is a sexual preference for children. There are several laws that prevent adults from having sexual relations with minors, but this of course does not stop these crimes from being committed. Sex offenders and pedophiles believe that they are in love with the children that they have sexual relations with. They claim that they can help children discover their sexuality. There is even a group to defend the rights of pedophiles called NAMBLA, The North American Man/Boy Love Association. NAMBLA was founded in 1978 by David Thorstad, they are headquartered in New York CIty and San Francisco. Persons convicted of the production of child pornography are given a minimum of 15 years. Section 3559 (e) states that persons convicted of a…show more content…
Some cities in the United States have already taken an initiative in this. The Department of public Works in Mount Vernon are installing solar-charged portable cameras in twelve public playgrounds. The city claims that the implementation of these cameras will assist the local law enforcement in the identification of trespassers, vandals, and other persons committing illegal activities. There are many ways to identify pedophiliac behaviors. According to "Pedophilia and Sexual Offending Against Children" By Miachel C. Seto, pedophiles exhibit "two major dimensions" of sex offender risk, antisociality and atypical sexual interests. Some signs of antisociality include prior offense history, conduct problems, and juvenile delinquency, and even substance abuse. Signs of atypical sexual interests include but are not limited to, prior sexual offense history, and sexual victim characteristics. According to Seto's text, "Sex offenders who are on high antisocioality are more likely to commit another criminal offense of some kind, weather sexual or nonsexual,…". Pedophiles claim that they can help children discover their sexuality. According to the NAMBLA website, People that have grown up since the 1970's are "spoon-fed a continuous diet of stranger danger, warnings of "bad touches"…". They think that society is teaching children to be afraid of having sexual relations with adults and they claim that
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