Pedro Pablo Research Paper

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Once upon a time, there was a recently born baby named Pedro Pablo in honor of its two grandparents. He lived in Lima, a city full of corruption, pollution and darkness, much similar as Gotham. Lima, by that time, was ruled by Galan Garcia, an evil and corrupt men who has stoled a lot of money and killed everyone who want to stop him. But differently from all the city, Pedro Pablo has borned in a peaceful and lovely family conformed by Louis, the father; Dora, the mother; and John, his younger brother. His father was a English teacher who married a Peruvian young lady. Because of this Pedro Pablo and John learned how to speake and write in English, what in that time caused a lot of jokes against them. At school and university Pedro Pablo was…show more content…
This impact PPK so deep that he start working to achieve his goals.

Years pass and Pedro Pablo became the best politic Lima ever has. With the help of his friends and his family he start gaining support of the people and the other politics. For that time, Galan Garcia was an old men, he has left Lima in darkness and he would ide in every moment. 2016 arrived and President Garcia died. E lections were summoned in that year and Pedro Pablo present his candidature. It required a lot of effort and work to make the campaign but at the end it help to achieve the goal. PPK has win the elections and he was the new President of Peru. The independence day was the perfect date to make the new president official. Pedro Pablo after telling the judgement, became the official new president of Peru. It was a day to celebrate and PPK don´t stop dancing at the party, he was so happy, he has achieved his goals and for him it was in honor of his father. At the end of the night , Pedro Pablo went outside to watch the stars and out of the blue , a lightning hit him and… Pedro Pablo woke up the next morning and surprised he noticed ¡he was flying! He don´t know how or
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