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A professional baseball player walks up to home plate with a bat in tow. He raises the bat and his uniform grips his body leaving no slack. The pitcher readies himself and hurls the first pitch towards home plate. The batter starts his swing and as the bat prepares to make contact with the ball it drops, and forces the umpire to shout, “Strike!” The batter gives a glances towards the umpire then the pitcher. The pitcher decides to test his throwing speed. He releases the ball and it zips towards home plate. The batter winds up and smashes the ball towards the outfield as the bat releases a thunderous crack. The center fielder's legs turn as sprints full speed towards the wall wondering when the ball will fall towards the Earth. The fielder…show more content…
Along with increase in muscle growth performance enhancing drugs affect growth plates, the cardiovascular system, the liver, a person’s emotions, and can make the user dehydrated (Mangan). Growth plates allow the body to grow with age. PED’s harm these growth plates and can keep the body from growing if used before the user reached full maturity. PED’s also increase the chance high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack which could lead to death. PED’s reach the liver as well which filters impurities out of the body. PED’s can lead to a tumor forming on the liver. It also decreases the liver efficiency which can lead to a multitude of illnesses and medical issues. The effects PED’s on a person’s emotions stand as the most well known side-effect. Most commonly people would identify intense rage, anger, and violence as the effects on a person’s psyche. In the long term, however, PED’s can lead to depression, impaired judgement, and overall instability of one’s psyche (Mangan). Dehydration can lead to most of the other side-effects as it will play with a person’s mind, cause organs to shut down, make blood thicker and harder for a person’s heart to move, and if not treated will lead to death. All these side-effects should deter an athlete from using PED’s to only increase strength and endurance. PED’s ultimately will inflict more damage on the user than good and prove why these substances should stay out of
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